Monday, April 12, 2010

May Day Petite Basket Swap

Recently I’ve enjoyed participating in a few different online swaps.  The latest of these (May Day Petite Basket Swap) is being hosted by the wonderful, Jenny Fowler, of Fated Follies.  The idea was to get a “petite” basket and fill it with little vintage goodies for your assigned swap partner.  You may see an obvious pattern in the swaps I’ve been electing to participate in (small, small, small). 

Over the last month or so, I’ve enjoyed collecting items for my swap partner, Stephanie Lewin of TartDeco, as I rummage through estate sale findings and antique store booths.  You’re not always exactly sure what your partner will enjoy most, so sometimes you resort to sending items that you yourself enjoy!  That was the case with me and the basket I sent this time.  I sent some of my faves for creating:  Vintage trims, linens, laces, ephemera, bookprint, sheet music, flowers, buttons, etc.  I hope Stephanie can make use of them!

I wanted to make sure the small items didn’t all fall out in transport, so I used a basket plastic for the first time.  I have to say that using my heat gun to melt the plastic around the basket was very enjoyable to my inner-pyro.  Here it is all sealed up and ready to go!

And here are a couple of pictures of the petite basket I already received from that on-the-ball girl!  I so appreciate her thoughtfulness in putting together this gift.


  1. Love the baskets Cheryl... so pretty! Who wouldn't love it!
    Everyone seems to do such a nice job putting them together. I'm hoping I can find a "partner" type swap to participate. I always seem to miss them.

    Blessings..... Ruth ;)

  2. Those baskets are yummy! You ladies dolled up those baskets well! Thanks for playing! Happy May Day!