Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Excitement and Resolve

Short and Sweet:

All I can say is how excited I am about my retreat this weekend at "The Church".  Incidentally, several friends are going and I can't wait to meet up with them and CREATE!  My job has been stressful for the last couple of months, so I haven't been writing much.  Mostly it's my crazy boss' fault for making my life difficult.  Two words:  BI    POLAR.  (Him, not me!)

Anyway, here's where I'm going:  The Gilded Nest.  Here's a couple of things we'll be creating (pictures courtesy of The Gilded Nest.)

HOPE Bracelet--which I definitely need right now!

Prims by Colleen Moody

So excited.  When things are going rough, three things make me feel better: 

A) Being wrapped in my husband's arms.
B) Prayer and Singing.
C) Creating Something Wonderful.
So thankful to have a life where I can enjoy all three.  I should be better about counting my blessings, such as these.  Resolved.

To those who have continued to "follow" me (even though I haven't posted since April), THANK YOU!  Thank you for checking in on me every so often.  And thank you for your kind comments.  I know I've been a slacker at replying to everyone, but please forgive me.  I DO SO appreciate your words.  I'll be better at that in the future.  Again, Resolved.