Monday, April 12, 2010


So one of my most favoritest friends gifted me with the sweetest little “Stitch Along Kit” from Amy Powers for my birthday back in January.  At the time I was happy to receive it just because it was so dang tiny, which in my book always equals ADORABLE.  Have I mentioned my love for all things miniature?   Just seeing this little kit all contained in a small round tin, complete with mini spool of black thread, mini book with instructions, and even it’s own little pair of scissors was a total delight for me.  Admittedly, though, it wasn’t until last month that I actually dug it up from “THE PILE” in the craft room.  You know “THE PILE”.  We all have one, right?  Mine has been growing since probably about August of last year.  Last Saturday I finally went in my craft room and “tidied up” a bit and finished clearing away “THE PILE” altogether.  Yippee!  What a refreshing feeling.
But, I digress.  (Which if you know me is so atypical for me—yeah right.)  Anyway, so sometime last month, after seeing everyone’s posts about their 39 Squares, I was feeling a bit left out.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn't feel left out enough to actually attempt the 39 squares project, but I figured I could be a part by working on the mini-sampler I’d received.

As it turns out, I really enjoy embroidery!  I’ve always admired the delicate work of others’ nimble fingers as found on vintage hankies, doilies, tablecloths, etc., but I never thought I would actually catch the “embroidery bug” as I have.  Thanks, Alisa!   It was with great delight  that as I sat watching all my manufactured drama shows (I LOVE me some “REALITY” tv!), I was able to simultaneously crank out fun little stitch after stitch.  I was thrilled with the ease of following Amy’s example and found great satisfaction in my completed formations.  I LOVED learning how to do a French Knot and how this enabled me to make the cutest little fluffy sheep ever!

After finishing my mini sampler, I decided to take on something slightly larger.  While I’m still a complete novice and know fewer than a handful of stitches, I ventured out to create images that I find beautiful.  I found a picture online somewhere of this vintage shoe and decided I could “eyeball” it.  (That’s SO typical Cheryl.  I don’t know why, but I have this  insane belief that if I see something, I will be able to recreate it without a pattern.  This overconfidence is ridiculous and I have absolutely no idea why I have it.  All I know is I repeatedly fall prey to this delusion!  Weird, I know.)  So, I got out my thread library and went to work.
It’s surprising how much time actually goes into creating something so small.  One who has never stitched, would not understand how something so seemingly trivial has taken a large investment of time and concentration.  I didn’t understand this, myself, until I spent countless hours on this shoe (and it’s far from perfect!) 

Knowing what I’ve invested in each piece, however, brings me greater satisfaction than I would have previously imagined.  Do other stitchers feel this way, too?


  1. Holy Schmoly! That shoe is AWESOME!

  2. I like number 2 picture. Very cute. THanks for sharing these photos. Your're the best.

  3. Hi Cheryl, It looks to me like you're a pro at embroidery! I love your sampler and your shoe is so elegant! Now it makes me want to stitch, maybe I should look through my "pile" to see what I dropped years ago! Suzie

  4. Love that shoe! I never finished my 39 stitches. Eeek! And now things are just too busy w/ PC coming up. R u going to any of the dinners? vendor night? I hope you at least come for the vendor shoe... grab some of your friends that way the 2nd drive up to Wax. isn't such a chore. :)

    hugs, Joanna