Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Death & Taxes

Finished!  Thank you to the geniuses at Intuit for creating Turbo Tax Deluxe!  (Did I mention my husband has worked for Intuit? :)  This is me tonight (1:33am) doing the happy jig:

Dancing Queen


  1. YEAH!!!!! Love it when taxes are done!!!!

  2. Wow Cheryl.... Wife, Artist AND a dancer!!!
    You are amazing!!!

    Blessings Today and Always!

    Ruth ;)

  3. I am not doing the jig because my taxes were due, as an Independent Contractor paying out, I'm going OUCH! UGH!
    I'm concerned next year's tax bill under Obama is going to make me think this year's was NOTHING! Or so my husband rants and raves about every day! Suzie

  4. LUCKY YOU to be done. I have once again filed an extension. My CPA said that if we filed on time we would probably be audited because the IRS would be in shock! :) Congrats for being done. Did you go to Art Group on the 9th? I didn't because I went to a class in Dallas. I thought you & Alisa made a great addition to the group. I really enjoyed meeting you. Hope to see you soon. If nothing else, I see we will both be at Paper Cowgirls. HUGS Charlene

  5. I love looking at your site!! Much fun!!! I too was doing the happy jig to be all done filing taxes. I have something for you!!!!

  6. Hi there Cheryl. It is your new friend over at Special Paper Projects. I got excited about doing some more Alice tags for my book. I made 12 more and am looking for friends to swap two more. Just wondering if you wanted to make two more and get two more. Check it out over at and let me know. I have 2 pairs left to send out. these two are different!

  7. I felt the relief, too, as Turbo Tax guided me through!!!

  8. love that image... I need to do something with it. :) Joanna

  9. What a fun blog you have here. i read all the way through three pages (knowing I will be called to help get dinner on...nice husband...neghbors are coming). We have been in some of the same swaps. Have some of the same people on our favorite blogs even. I wonder, too, where my Alice tags are! I wish we would have all marked them carefully and gotten back to each other.

    You are seriously good with this computer stuff. I flounder.

    My daughter and I have a newish blog and do repurposed jewelry. We have been doing jewelry together for about fifteen years...from the time we could barely talk to each other (she was fifteen). Our blog is about a lot of things plus jewelry. I also love working with paper...she loves fashion. If you would like, I would love to have you come and visit. We just got a new header today and I am thrilled about that!