Monday, March 22, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Tag Swap

They arrived!  My Alice in Wonderland tags came in the mail and I am so excited.  As Tim Burton’s movie Alice in Wonderland came out recently, there is much to-do regarding the Alice theme.  Karla Nathan, of Karla’s Cottage hosted a Tag Book swap, wherein we sent in 6 tags and received a tagbook back with 6 tags from different artists, as well as a cute little cover.  I was delighted to have participated (with so many others) in such a fun activity. 
As one who is not always accustomed to being a “normal” member of society, my tags were atypical of what one might expect for the Alice in Wonderland theme:
Cheryl Bass tag for Karla's Cottage Alice Tag Swap 04-10 1
Here is the adorable cover (and cutest tiny little “drink me” potion ever—you KNOW how I love miniature things) created by Karla:
Karla's Cottage Alice Tag Swap 03-10 p1
This one was created by Ruth Graham:
Karla's Cottage Alice Tag Swap 03-10 p2
This is by the lovely Michele Askeroth:
Karla's Cottage Alice Tag Swap 03-10 p3
Here’s one from Kathy Lowry:
Karla's Cottage Alice Tag Swap 03-10 p4
And this adorable one is from Rebekaha:
Karla's Cottage Alice Tag Swap 03-10 p5
Here’s the tag from Victoria Grobels:
Karla's Cottage Alice Tag Swap 03-10 p6
And finally, one from our wonderful hostess, Karla Nathan:
Karla's Cottage Alice Tag Swap 03-10 p7
Oh, but the goodness doesn’t stop there!  As a special bonus, as I had requested, my beautiful and talented friend, Nina, created an “extra” so I could have one of hers, too!
Karla's Cottage Alice Tag Swap 03-10 p8
I so appreciate everyone involved.  I had so much fun with this swap!  Now, I wonder where my tags ended up?


  1. They are all so creative! Such a fun swap. ~ Angela

  2. Wasn't it a fun swap! I was thrilled with all the tags sent in.

    Thanks again for the goodies!

  3. Cheryl, it was so great to get your comment. I am so excited whenever I get comments from other members of RS. (you know what I mean) I thank you for the offer of a picture of my tag. But I actually decided that I would make up some more like the ones I sent to give and swap and put with my own tag book. But I would love to swap either a tag from you or something else. Did you visit my other paper crafting blog? Just click on the button at the top of my Something Special. It is my new blog. Let me know if you would like to swap. I am really into the swapping thing. Thanks again Michele

  4. All of the artist were so creative. I loved all that you showed. I know it must have been fun to participate and get all those wonderful tags. So happy for all of you.
    Hugs, Pat

  5. Bonjour Cheryl,
    All these tags are so pretty, what a fun swap. By the way I really like your header, and the 6 b's on your sidebar!
    Good week to you,

  6. I was just wondering about you. Dare I say, yours in my favorite. I am a sucker for red ticking. Love it!

  7. Cheryl, what great tags, yours and everyone else's too! I still haven't seen the movie, I'll get there one day soon I suppose!
    Let me know if you want to craft in a week and a half at Gail's, ok? It'll be FUN! Suzie

  8. Oh I LOVE the tags you created Cheryl...I'm a big fan of thinking outside the box! I didn't get one of your tags though. *sigh* You got a beautiful assortment w/ your book...wasn't this swap fun?

  9. I love your tag!! Your book is very cute, too. I participated in the swap, as well. I'm browsing through your posts and your recipe looks yummy! I'll have to try it.

  10. Cheryl, I got one of your tags in the Alice swap-I'm sure Karla picked it out special for my book because she knows I love anything with a vintage sewing theme. I love how you sewed the tape measure and tissue paper- what a fun tag!

  11. I had one too! Thank you! I'm scheduling a post for tomorrow 8.00 am CET. Love your tag, the sewing items, whow very clever!

  12. oh it has been so fun to see all of these alice tag books! What a super fun swap... love your book!

    xo Heather

  13. I've seen (and drooled) over all of these as I've seen em here in and there in Blogland. All of you gals did an amazing job and yes the wee bottle of "drink me" cute!

    yapping cat