Monday, March 08, 2010

Honorable Mention

I feel so privileged to have one of my comments featured on Karen Valentine's beautiful blog, My Desert Cottage.  She had asked why we love blogging.  I love it when someone asks me a question that causes me to really think about something.  My response continues to prove honest and heartfelt for me every day.

I love blogging, though I've only been doing it a short time, like you, for so many reasons. Obviously I love the friendships and support you develop from your interactions with other bloggers. I love the whole concept of people being willing to "wear their hearts on their sleeves" so to speak. People can be so closed in "real life" sometimes, but in blogland, people are willing to reveal themselves in a more intimate way than imaginable. I love that! 

My favorite thing about blogging, however, is it's not just something I DO. It has become an extension of who I AM. Does that make sense? Blogging causes me to really THINK about the way I live life, because I know I'll probably be blogging about it later. That doesn't mean I do things just so I'll have something to blog. No. But knowing that I will be blogging, sharing the most authentic part of who I am (through my words and artful creations), I want to LIVE fully. I want to create with passion. I want to be the best version of ME I can. If something can inspire one to live daily life with such purpose, it must be a truly wonderful experience.

I just read on someone's blog the other day (sorry, can't remember whose!) that according to an 1800 something version of Webster's Dictionary, Romance means "a style of living". 

That so spoke to me because that's how I want my life to be... ROMANTIC. That doesn't mean I want roses and candy and hot passionate sex (though I'm certainly not knocking those!), but it means I want to live in a style that feels true, authentic, and inspiring! Blogging inspires that in me.


  1. your words are as beautiful as your art, and you!

  2. I totally get why your comment caught Karen's attention. You have to be one of the most positive giving people I have met by blogging or in any other way. I treasure my blog and you.

  3. YES!

    Love the whole "romantic" definition!

  4. Karen is one of my ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL time best buddies. I talk to her on the phone at least once a week & she is marvelous. So glad you got mentioned in her post. She has a ton of followers that love her.I see that you will be joining us for Art Night in Mansfield hosted by Joanna Lewis. I can't wait to meet you! Talk to you Friday. Charlene

  5. Thank you for this post! I love the definition of Romantic! Wow!

  6. yes, indeed! well said!

    yapping cat