Thursday, February 18, 2010

Drawing Winner!

Whew!  Valentine's Day came and went and I haven't gotten around to declaring the winner of my Blogaversary drawing until now!  So sorry to leave y'all hanging in utter suspense (I know you couldn't sleep at night just wondering if you could possibly be the lucky recipient of this Oh-So-Lovely Love Journal)! 

I put all the names in the "hat" and the winner is...........

Well before I announce the winner (suspense done American-Idol-Style, which I find to be uber-annoying), I'd like to show you a sample of my husband's endearing handwriting.  (p.s. I LOVED all your comments about your loved ones' quirks!  So much fun!  Thanks for sharing.)  This is from the inside of the Valentine's Day card he gave me.  I hope he doesn't hate me for broadcasting it to the world...aka Blogland. 

Isn't he the sweetest, most adorable husband EVER?! 

I hope y'all enjoyed Valentine's Day as much as we did!  And, Sarah (yep, you won it, baby!) I hope you and John enjoy the Love Notes journal, too! 


  1. Cheryl, Darned, I didn't win, but congrats to Sarah! I love your Valentine Card from your hubby, you're one lucky gal! Suzie

  2. What a sweet post about a sweet man! So glad you visited me today and left your kind comment, as now I have found your niche in blogland. I am thrilled to recognize you from Paper Cowgirl last June. You were kind to purchase one of my soldered necklaces and just made my day! Looking forward to future posts to see what you create next! ~ Angela

  3. Here I am, chiming in totally late...thank you so much!!! You are great!