Sunday, January 31, 2010

Creatively Challenged?

Ever feel creatively challenged?  Can’t seem to get your mo-jo flowing?  What causes you to feel this lack of inspiration?  What do you do to alleviate these symptoms? 
Debbie Mumm Creative Woman
I think we all must surely go through this at times. It's part of being a creative personality.  Just like a performer, no one can exhibit her talent all the time!  That's not even reasonable to expect of ourselves.  I know I've been ever-guilty of thinking I had to create a marvelous work of art each and every time I go into my studio.  Not so.  (Heck, I’m lucky if I can create a marvelous work of art ONE in ten times I go into the studio!) 

One thing that I've noticed works for me is to (borrowing a phrase from Nike) "just do it."  That is to say that when I'm not feeling the least bit inspired, I often just get into my studio and make myself work on something more mundane. Maybe it's just organizing my space. Or perhaps it's just picking up that old project I've been meaning to finish but was too "inspired" doing other things to mess with. Whatever the case, when I tell myself that I'm not really "creating" per se, I find that I can get started. And wouldn't you know, before I have a chance to realize it, that fickle ol' creativity sneaks in and I'm off and running again! Happens every time! 
Debbie Mumm Imagine Possibilities
Thanks to Debbie Mumm for the pictures!  Don’t you  just love her cute images?!


  1. Yup... happens at least once a month.

  2. i want to be creative...but it's hard with only one good arm :p

  3. Had to drop a note..."just do it" must apply to the 180 photos I have to catch up on for scrapbooking! Thanks too for your kind words about the snow day...we had a ball and yes, I hope it's a memory that stays forever. We're expecting 3 more inches of snow this weekend...could be another dance coming up! And love the "famiies are forever" on your site...we have a sign hanging on our wall with those same true.

  4. .we had a ball and yes, I hope it's a memory that stays forever

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  5. well said. and happening to me right now! :D


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