Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Desktop Calendars For You!

The last couple of weeks have not been my favorite 2 weeks of my life.  I can think of many other 2 week spans that were way more fun than the last two.  My vacation to Disneyworld; High School Graduation; Wedding and Honeymoon.  Got the stupid cold that's been goin' around.  It's just an annoying cough that makes my abdomen workout--and she doesn't want to.

But, today is Valentine's Day!  Yippee.  I love any sort of Holiday there is to celebrate and share fun and/or love.  I especially love holidays that include receiving gifts (what woman doesn't?)  I am excited to go on a date with my wonderful husband.  He's getting better every year at Valentine's Day, My Birthday, and Anniversary.  I've pretty much kept telling him things he can do and warn him not to make past mistakes because the rule in our house is "If Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy."  He tells this to the dogs all the time because if I'm mad at him, he feels he can pass the blame on down the line.  So, in order to help him not make past mistakes, like I said, I keep giving him reminders and hints.  I also keep an updated wishlist on so there is no "I didn't know what to get you" excuses.

And just as an aside (my personal opinion), I feel that those people who say stuff like, "I think Valentine's Day is a manufactured holiday just so the companies can sell a bunch of crap at an inflated price so women won't get mad", are a bunch miserable souls.  They say, "I don't need a manufactured holiday to give my baby flowers or candy and tell her I love her.  I can do that any day of the year."  However, it has seemed to me in the past that those who proffer such wisdom, are rarely the ones who abide by it.  They're all talk and no action.  Wouldn't you agree?

And another random thought, I DO however feel for the single or lonely on Valentine's Day who WISH they had a Valentine of their own to shower affection and gifts upon.  Their lack of enjoyment of Valentine's Day is more acceptable than the previous type of pessimists as noted above.  You're either Stingy-Hearted (yes, that is a real word--a cheryl word anyway) or your not.  The question is not whether you have a Valentine to love, but rather that IF you had a Valentine, how would you love?  I was single on pretty much every Valentines Day of my life up until I met Lloyd (had a couple of good ones with my ex-fiance, although for some strange reason he thought it appropriate to get me "Happy Secretaries Day" orange balloons to go with the roses he brought.  It still makes me laugh when I remember.  I longed for a Valentine, but just didn't have one.  I did however, send Valentines to other people (friends and family) that I love.  I don't care if it's a day marked on the calendar that reminds you to let the ones you love know how much you care for them.  Is it ever a bad day to do that?

Oh, but I've strayed.  How very unlike me.  (yes, sarcasm implied).  Back to the Amazon Wishlist.  Did you know that you can add things to your Amazon Wishlist that aren't necessarily sold by Amazon?  Yeah, it's great.  I've been doing it for a couple of years now.  It's called a Universal Wishlist and you can get it by clicking here.  You have to have already set up a regular Amazon Wishlist (it's free), but once you have, you can add the Universal Wishlist Button to your browser menu.  Next time you're enjoying your shopping on, you can save an item to your Amazon Wishlist by clicking on the Universal Wishlist Button.  Viola! It adds it to your wishlist account.  I love modern technology!

So I'm so excited because my honey is coming home soon and he's already planned (made reservations even) for a date!  Wow!  He is getting so good at this.  I wasn't even supposed to be writing such a long blog post because I need to get my "outside face" on.  But, in all my zest for Valentine's Day, I thought of giving you, my reader, something as a token of my appreciation for following me and commenting to me, and sharing with me.

Okay, so without further adieu, I love you blogland peeps, family, friends.  I appreciate your support.  Happy Valentine's Day!  (See next separate post for my small gift to you.)

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  1. Love your philosophy/attitude, Cheryl! Hope the Happy Valentine's Day date was truly special!