Monday, April 13, 2009

Marie Antoinette Artisting Day

As I may've mentioned (I don't know...can't remember!) I'm participating in an awesome collage swap hosted by the oh-so-lovely and talented Maria Rodarte at The Junk Drawer. With the April 1st release of Sommerset Studio's Marie Premiere issue, the theme for our collage swap is of course, Marie Antoinette .

With mail-outs occuring on 24, April, there isn't much time to create a stunning piece for our partner's pleasure! I received my swap partner's name just a few short days ago and am so excited to exchange pieces with her! Suzie Buttons lives in nearby Garland (a suburb of the Dallas Metroplex) and seems to be a master seamstress, among many other talents!

A couple of friends and I got together last week to spend all day working on our project (as we are all participating!) As the morning began with clouds and rain, I texted Alisa excitedly, "Today is a GREAT day for artisting!" Because of the rain, my Red Velvet Cake was ill-prepared for traveling. I need one of those tupperware-style plastic cake-carriers! (Do they even still make those?) But, alas, I didn't have one. So, being the Creative-Carey* that I am, I fashioned my own handy-dandy-cheaper-than-dirt-but-still-functional cake-carrier! (*Creative-Carey is standard nomenclature in my native family. We use the term to massage our egos for always coming up with weirdo ideas and contraptions! Growing up as one of seven children, money was very short. We continually found ourselves inventing all kinds of items or "fixes" for things that "normal" people would've bought replacement parts for! It's okay, though. We're actually quite proud of our creative ability to always find a winning solution to any problem--and usually get a good laugh out of it, too!) Here's how I handled the rain and transporting my fancy cake:

You've got to admit all that masking tape and aluminum foil is a real BEAUTY!!!

Alisa, as always, had prepared a wonderful place for us to craft, complete with BLUE decor and treats (to match the Marie cover!) She's so dandy that way!

While I somehow managed to control myself and not devour the all the lovely little candies, I DID heartily partake in the Red Velvet Cake and Nina's yummy spring cupcakes! Thank you, Nina! Next to Red Velvet , white cake is my favorite!

Nina apparently had a little trouble with transporting her goodies, as well, so I didn't feel so badly! They tasted YUMMILICIOUS nonetheless!

While I can't yet reveal our collages, I CAN tell you that the sun came out and we had a wonderful time together! And, frankly, you can be assured that anytime cake is involved in my creative process...the results will be worthwhile! We'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out! I'm so glad Maria decided to host this swap, as I am having the BEST time with it! (But then again, it's not April 23rd yet. Ask me then!)


  1. They do make cake carriers, and they are great. I have this one:

    and this one:

    I love them both! :)

  2. Let's do it again this week. Did you get my email?

  3. Hi Paper Cowgirl! SO glad you stopped by my blog! I love your fun that red velvet cake too! Hugs! :)Mendy

  4. Cheryl,
    Just wanted to share a blog I ran across tonight and if I don't share now I will forget later...every diva should have a favorite "red velvet" something - why not cake?? lol
    check out this blog

    see ya saturday,