Monday, March 16, 2009

Cackling Poultry With Guns

I always have way too much fun laughing with my friends! The other night we met up for dinner and had as wonderful time as always both discussing the unwanted "drama" in our lives, and laughing our heads off at the inanity of it all!

At one point I think Alisa said something sarcastic to Donna. I said, "You'd better watch out, you know Donna's packin'!" (Donna used to be in law enforcement, and although we can't be sure if she actually still carries a gun on her regularly or not, there is a running joke that if she bends down and reaches in her boot you'd better start running the other way!) Well, that comment got us all giggling even more than we already had been. Alisa said something about us sounding like a bunch of cackling hens. Then Donna, "Cackling Poultry?" Then of course, me, not wanting to be outdone, added, "Yeah. Cackling Poultry...With Guns." To this we found ourselves cackling even more!

I know it probably sounds like one of those "I guess you had to be there" type jokes, and very well may be, but I still had to share!

Later that week as I was at home watching tv with my husband, I thought, "I could be doing something other than just sitting here watching tv." Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE advocate of tv watchin'. But I just figured I could do 2 things at once. That's when I got the BRILLIANT idea to actually MAKE "Cackling Poultry With Guns".

I made one for each of us. We met again this week for dinner and I couldn't hardly wait to share my surprises! We got another good laugh. Alisa said she was going to hang hers from her rearview mirror in the car. Who knows where Donna's ended up!

Alisa has decided to call hers "Belle Star": "The Bandit Queen" From 1875 to 1880 she was the undisputed leader of a band of cattle and horse thieves.

Donna has named her CPWG "Lola Montez": Early feminist of sorts and writer of a book of beauty tips. Homicidal temper; carried a whip. On of the most outrageous women of her time.

Mine is named "Pearl Hart": First know female stage robber in Arizona Territory. After being captured for the stage robbery, she said that she "would never consent to be tried under a law she or hersex had no voice in making, or to which a woman had no power under the law to give her consent." She had become a strident voice for "women's emancipation".

Yep, our Cackling Poultry With Guns sure do represent us!


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!
    We crack me up!!!

  2. LOL!!!! Aha! NOW I know "the rest of the story".... You girls are a hoot! ;P I love the little chicks packing guns, Cheryl.... too, too, cute!!

  3. And with THAT... you are added to my blog roll! LOL