Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post-Its are the Bomb!

I am thankful for Post-It notes. Silly, I know, but it's true. I love Post-It notes. I use them for everything. They're just so handy and pretty. (I always get the neon bright colors.) I have a horrible memory, and so Post-Its are like my "to do" list alarm clock. They should invent that: an alarm that goes off and gives you verbal reminders to do things. Like, you'd be sitting there watching tv, reading a book, knitting, or whatever and then all of a sudden you'd hear some kind of alarm and then a computer-generated voice (or even your own recorded voice) say, "Don't forget you promised to take the trash out today," or "only 3 more days until your anniversary--don't forget to get a gift or your wife might kill you." You could choose the frequency of how often you wanted certain messages repeated. Or, you could select "random" mode and you would get messages throughout the day. The surprise element could enhance your memory's ability to record the data. Wives would no longer have to "nag", and husbands could no longer claim they "forgot" or "no one told me" (or whatever other lame excuse they invent in an effort to cover up the fact that they've just been too "busy" playing "Ma Jong" for 2 hours and stuffing their face with microwave popcorn, to get up off their fat butt.)

I know, some people are thinking I'm dumb. They are thinking, "But, Cheryl, they already have that, it's called a calendar. You write things on it you want to remember, then you look at it to keep track of things." I know. I know. I'm not a COMPLETE moron. I use my electronic calendar (Outlook) AND my cell phone calendar, but inevitably there are still MANY things that are forgotten! I mean, it's one thing to put "Doctor's Appointment 9:45am" in your schedule, and yet completely another to enter "buy dish soap." Buying dishsoap rarely requires a specified date and time (at least not for me, although I'm sure there may be for others who are far more organized.)

I know there are "task" lists also available on my mobile and pc. The downfall to those programs is that I never remember to access them. Maybe if I schedule a date and time on my calendar to remind me to check my task list, I'd have a shot? It just doesn't work for me. Unless I have a hot pink post-it note attached to my wallet, my pc, my purse, etc., certain things don't seem to get done!

So, until someone comes up with a portable device that spits out reminders, I'll stick with my post-its. (Get it? That was a pun!)

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  1. I don't do post-its, I write lists in journals. I have dozens of journals full of lists and lists of lists. My problem is I can never remember which journal I've used, nor which pile of journals it might be in. *sigh*